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Oklahoma Chautauqua 20th anniversary

Oklahoma Chautauqua 2011
It's All Make Believe:
Hollywood's Golden Age

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Lawton: May 31 - June 4
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Tulsa: June 7 - June 11
Enid: June 14 - June 18
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Tulsa Schedule for Performances

Tuesday, June 7
12:00 pm Workshop: Karen Vuranch - History of Oscar
Although there are many contenders, the Academy Awards are still the most important award ceremony in Hollywood. This workshop will look at the history of the Oscar significance and explore how the Oscars are a barometer of the changing trends in Hollywood.

5:30 pm Workshop: Hank Fincken - If They Come to Laugh, Why Are So Many Not Even Smiling
This workshop discusses the nature of comedy, why silent comic films flourished in the 1920s ("the Golden Age of Comedy") and then again with the scratchy first "talkies" of the 1930s. Hank will share some of his experiences with comedy and then show a few clips from Fields' films. As the Great One himself said, "I know what makes people laugh, but trying to get your hands on the why of it is like trying to pick an eel out of a tub of water." Be ready to get your hands wet.
6:30 pm: Sisters in Song
7:25 pm: Meet your Chautauqua scholars
7:30 pm: D.W. Griffith portrayed by Dr. Doug Mishler

Wednesday, June 8
10:30 am: Chautauqua: An American Experience
Join us for a video presentation and Q&A looking at the contemporary aspects of this utopian community in Chautauqua, New York. After a brief history the program focuses on what goes on at Chautauqua today, including a tremendous artistic community, spiritual aspects, recreation and the daily dose of educational/intellectual lectures attend by thousands of people in a large semi-outdoor amphitheater.
12:00 pm Workshop: Dr. Doug Mishler - The Birth of Cinema
Join in this often hilarious visual tour of early films as we explore the beginnings of Cinema. We will examine and discuss the contributions of masters like Griffith, Porter, and even Murbridge as they took Edison and Lumaire's crude method of projecting images and created a new art form.
5:30 pm Workshop: Joseph Bundy - Saga of the African American in Hollywood Films
African Americans and their place in society have been a part of the American film industry from the very beginning. Whether as subject matter in W. D Griffith's silent film "Birth of a Nation," or as performing artist in an all black cast of "Cabin in the Sky," African Americans have impacted the industry and the industry has impacted their status in society. This workshop will show how the image of the African American in Hollywood films emerged from mere stereo-type too well rounded characters representing all aspects of humanity.
6:30 pm: Icepick Walt
7:30 pm: Louella Parsons portrayed by Karen Vuranch

Thursday, June 9
12:00 pm Workshop: Dr. William Worley - Walt Disney Tells the Classic Fairy Tales
In a program that is designed for children but will engage adults as well, Dr. Bill Worley presents Missouri creative genius Walt Disney's approach to fairy tales as he recreates some of the classic fairy tales and children stories made famous by Disney animators. Hear the stories of the Three Little Pigs & others told as only Walt could tell them, and learn about the problems encountered by the Disney team as they tried to bring these printed classics to the screen. Worley acts out the stories and characters and gives them the unique personalities that have made them into household favorites ever since. Then, have the opportunity to ask about the stories, the characters or the movies they made of these timeless tales. Children from 3 to 83 will enjoy this coming to life of the greatest storyteller of the 20th century.
5:30 pm Workshop: Karen Vuranch - Radio: Wave of the Future
Radio was an important form of entertainment in the 1930's. Although initially it was competition to the movies, Hollywood soon incorporated it and shows like Louella Parsons' promoted Hollywood stars. Karen will give a brief overview of the history of radio. Then, using scripts of original shows, workshop participants will perform several radio scripts, complete with sound effects.
6:30 pm: Icepick Walt
7:30 pm: Paul Robeson portrayed by Joseph Bundy

Friday, June 10
12:00 pm Workshop: Joseph Bundy - The Influence of Music on the Life and Career of Paul Robeson
Music played a significant role in the life of Paul Robeson. As a young child he heard the African American spirituals that were taught to him by his father who was a former slave. He possessed a beautiful voice that enabled him to take part in the church choir and the school glee club. During his life professional life as a concert soloist and a stage and screen actor, he developed and affinity for various types of music. This workshop explores the religious, ethnic, patriotic, classical, and folk music that influenced Paul Robeson as artist and as a humanitarian.
5:30 pm Workshop: Dr. William Worley - Disneyland: the Happiest Place on Earth
Learn how the "granddaddy" of all modern theme parks came about. Walt Disney came up with the idea when he could not find suitable Sunday afternoon diversions for his daughters. See how Disneyland got an unexpected boost when the Davy Crockett miniseries on "Disneyland" TV created a national coonskin cap phenomenon. See the difference between "Sleeping Beauty's Castle" and "Cinderella's Castle." Learn how the Disneyland Santa Fe Railroad grew from Walt's backyard model railroad that was big enough for him to ride. This illustrated presentation will be of interest to audiences of all ages.
6:30 pm: John Southern
7:30 pm: W.C. Fields portrayed by Hank Finken

Saturday, June 11
12:00 pm Workshop: Hank Fincken - Censorship Then and Now
There always seems to be a good reason to censor new art ... and sometimes even old art. In this program, Hank explores the factors that led to the brutal censorship of the 1930s and compares that time to the censorship of today. Hank will also share some of his own personal experiences and lead a discussion on why, where, and when censorship might be needed during our tumultuous times.
5:30 pm Workshop: Dr. Doug Mishler - The First Great Film, the First Great Controversy
We shall explore the powerful and disturbing art that was D. W. Griffith's masterpiece "Birth of a Nation" and the controversy that followed it. His grand epic of southern reconstruction Griffith saw as uncovering the soul of America. He was right but for all the wrong reasons, as the controversy it unleashed compelled America to examine itself as it had never done previously. This story ultimately demonstrates the incredible cultural power of film.
6:30 pm: John Southern
7:30 pm: Walt Disney portrayed by Dr. William Worley

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