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Throw the Book at Em':
Outlaws and Authors of Oklahoma

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Tulsa Schedule for Workshops and Performances

Monday, June 5
Student Chautauqua

Tuesday, June 6
Noon Workshop: Dr. Michael Hughes - Legendary Lawmen and Outlaws in Oklahoma Fact & Fiction - Did the Doolin and Dalton gangs belong on "America's Dumbest Criminals?" Was Belle Starr the Paris Hilton of the nineteenth century? Could an ex-slave be the inspiration for the Rooster Cogburn and The Wild, Wild West? Why did Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson stand in awe of Oklahoma's forgotten "Three Guardsmen?" This workshop will critique some of the most famous criminals and highlight some of the most remarkable crime fighters in American history.
1:30 pm Workshop: Judy Gail - The Historical Portrayal As Activism - Historical portrayals bring characters, events and eras to life. With Carry Nation as its main focus, this workshop shows how to select and research a character for such a portrayal. This includes all necessary related information: dress, living conditions, work, food and transportation of the times; the personal and societal circumstances motivating the character's action; the attitudes, morals, and obstacles faced by the character; and the effects of the action taken by the character. Put together properly, a portrayal, like the character's actions, is capable of inspiring the potential activism within each person in the audience.
7:30 pm: Chautauqua Teaser
7:35 pm: Belle Starr performed by Karen Vuranch

Wednesday, June 7
Noon Workshop: Karen Vuranch - Why the West was Wild - The Wild West captures our imagination. But, it actually existed for a brief time, from 1860 to 1890. What created the recklessness of the West? This workshop will explore the issues facing America and how the West came to be defined as "wild." Disgruntled Southerners not wanting to accept government authority, rapidly expanding technology and the last opportunity of a frontier all contributed to the period in time known as The Wild West.
1:30 pm Workshop: KC Mathey - What, Where, When, Why, and How did Woody Guthrie write his songs? - Using Woody Guthrie's songs "Oklahoma Hills", "Roll on Columbia", "Pastures of Plenty" and "This Land is Your Land" as examples, KC Mathey will demonstrate the what, where, when, why, and how of Woody Guthrie's creative songwriting process. Compose your own verse to be included in "This Land is Your Land". A sing-along of "This Land is Your Land" including the workshop participants' own verses will be lead by KC Mathey in the character of Woody Guthrie.
6:30 pm: Bob Fjeldsted and the Round Up Boys
7:30 pm: Marquis James performed by Dr. Paul Vickery

Thursday, June 8
Noon Workshop: Dr. Paul Vickery - Marquis James and The Cherokee Strip - This workshop will deal with the life in the Cherokee Strip as described by Marquis James. Discussion will include photos and stories about life after the "Run" from James's book "The Cherokee Strip."
1:30 pm Workshop: KC Mathey - "Woody Sez" - Come explore the humor and wit of Woody Guthrie as K.C. Mathey transforms in character to entertain and enlighten audience members of all ages. The workshop will include an examination of the song "The Talking Dust Bowl Blues" as an early example of what is now known as "Rap" music. Other examples of Woody's humor will be cited from his newspaper articles, private letters and journals.
6:30 pm: Loose Brix, Ralph Bendel
7:30 pm: Bill Tilghman performed by Dr. Michael Hughes

Friday, June 9
Noon Workshop: Dr. Michael Hughes - "The popcorn's as high as an elephant's eye:" Oklahoma at the Movies - Only in Oklahoma could a pioneer motion picture include in its cast bank robber Al Jennings, Comanche chief Quanah Parker, and a camera-shy wolf. This workshop looks at early movie making in Oklahoma and offers a survey of how Oklahoma has been portrayed in films ranging from Tulsa and Oklahoma to The Outsiders and Places in the Heart.
1:30 pm Workshop: Karen Vuranch - Ghost Stories from Oklahoma and Beyond - Using traditional ghost stories from Oklahoma, Karen will teach performance and storytelling techniques.
6:30 pm: The Farm Couple Patrick and Monica Taylor
7:30 pm: Carry Nation performed by Judy Gail

Saturday, June 10
Noon Workshop: Judy Gail - A Rum-Soaked Nation Produces A Feminist Movement - This workshop shows how the Temperance movement opened the door for the first organized feminist movement. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, alcohol was the leading industry and widely abused. Under the auspices of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, women, heretofore forbidden from public speaking, mounted Chautauqua platforms. Delicately phrasing speeches, they waged war against the abuses suffered from alcoholic husbands while appearing to fight to preserve the sanctity of marriage and home. The relationship between Temperance, women's rights, and suffrage, is discussed, as is Carry Nation's precarious relationship with the WCTU.
1:30 pm Workshop: Dr. Paul Vickery - Marquis James as historian and writer - The workshop will take a looks at Marquis James' beginnings at the New York magazine, while considering him from a perspective as a historian and discuss his significance in history and the literary world.
6:30 pm: Music
7:30 pm: Woody Guthrie performed by KC Mathey

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