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Portraits of the Renaissance:
Poets, Pirates and Playwrights

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Tulsa Schedule for Workshops and Performances

Monday, June 6
Student Chautauqua

Tuesday, June 7
Noon Workshop: Leonardo da Vinci Workshop - Renaissance Then... Renaissance Now? - Are we at the cusp of a New Renaissance today? How can we tell? What cultural, economic, and ecological dynamics gave rise to the Renaissance of 500 years ago, and are there parallels today? As a follow up to the performance of Leonardo da Vinci, Peter Donaldson will facilitate this fascinating, interactive dialogue using the context of the life and times of Leonardo to examine our own.
1:30 pm Workshop: Lucrezia Borgia Workshop - Courtesans, Nuns, Queens and Ladies; Rediscovered Renaissance Women Writers - Until recently, Renaissance women writers were excluded from literary anthologies. Yet nuns wrote about religion, courtesans about love, queens and ladies about court life. In addition, some women used the pen to protest their social role. In this workshop, discover Renaissance women writers who created works of interest and literary merit.
7:30 pm: Hank Fincken as Christopher Columbus

Wednesday, June 8
Noon Workshop: Christopher Columbus Workshop - Discovering Columbus - Sometimes the research behind a historical character is as much fun as the performance itself. This slide presentation/discussion workshop concerns Hank's trips to Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the Dominican Republic twice in his hunt for the real Christopher Columbus. We will discuss his character, his networking skills, his legacy, and contradictions that make historical accuracy almost an oxymoron.
1:30 pm Workshop: Grace O'Malley Workshop - Theatre in the Renaissance - Theatre, like all the arts in the period of the Renaissance, experienced a time of revitalization and growth.This workshop will examine the significant developments in theatre during the Renaissance, specifically looking at theatre in Italy, France and England. The rich legacy of theatre in the Renaissance and its effect on theatre performances today will be examined and discussed.
6:30 pm: Live Celtic Music, performance by Cavan
7:30 pm: Sally Ann Drucker as Lucrezia Borgia

Thursday, June 9
Noon Workshop: Lucrezia Borgia Workshop - Sex and Love in Renaissance Italy - Arranged marriages, "the French disease," frequent pregnancies, courtesans: despite the tradition of courtly love, did love have a chance to exist? The workshop examines this question and also addresses writings that dealt with "the quarrel of the sexes."
1:30 pm Workshop: William Shakespeare Workshop - Shakespeare's Advice to the Actor, For Then and For Now - Theatre was Shakespeare's life and work. He began as an actor but became a playwright, and then a major stockholding partner in the most successful theatre company of his era. In this workshop we will employ some acting exercises developed by John Barton with the actors of the Royal Shakespeare Company using the sonnets as mini-plays for sharpening their skills at speaking verse.
6:30 pm: Live Celtic music, performance by All Strings Attached
7:30 pm: Karen Vuranch as Grace O'Malley

Friday, June 10
Noon Workshop: Grace O'Malley Workshop - The Use of the Arthurian Legend as a Political Tool in the Middle Ages and Renaissance - The 5th century legend of King Arthur is enduring. Throughout time, the legend has been used to promote current political sentiment. During the Norman Conquest, the French employed the story to humiliate the English. Later, the English used the legend to regain their sense of national pride. Indeed, the tradition of the use of the Arthurian legend as a political tool continued into the 20th century. This workshop will examine the age-old legend and its evolution over time.
1:30 pm Workshop: Leonardo da Vinci Workshop at the Philbrook Art Museum - Ask Leonardo! - Explore reproductions of Leonardo's notebooks up-close. Analyze samples of his writing on various subjects. Ask about the man himself, his life and times with scholar Peter Donaldson. As a follow up to the performance of Leonardo da Vinci, Peter Donaldson will transform in and out of character to entertain and delight with an extended question and answer for all ages.
6:30 pm: Live Music, performance by the Dulcimers
7:30 pm: Theodore Kachel as William Shakespeare of the Globe Theatre

Saturday, June 11
Noon Workshop: William Shakespeare Workshop - "Will the Real 'Will' Please Stand Up!" The Authorship Controversy - Admitting at first your workshop leader is a "Stratfordian" as are most scholars and theatre folks, nevertheless, in this workshop we will review together the major questions and reasons offered for doubting that Shakespeare from Stratford-on-the-Avon was the author of the poems and the plays we still admire and perform four hundred years after his death. This effort is part biography, part detective story, and mostly a means for exploring the apparent mystery of how literary genius is nurtured and created in the theatre, both then and even today. In such a collaborative art form who and how are 'authors' formed by the work of theatre?
1:30 pm Workshop: Christopher Columbus Workshop - Columbus's Travels Over The Centuries - Columbus made four trips to the New World when alive. He made several others when dead. This workshop will discuss, with much audience participation, what happened on each "live" voyage, the reasons for his travels after death, and his roller coaster popularity and infamy over the past five hundred years.
6:30 pm: Live Renaissance Music, performance by Pro Musica Tulsae
7:30 pm: Peter Donaldson as Leonardo da Vinci

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